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Non-Local Enrolment Policy

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Department of Education Enrolment Policy

The Department of Education resources schools based on the population pattern within their respective area. Each school's capacity to adequately meet the educational needs for students beyond the projected enrolments has limitations.

Each school consequently has a ceiling on enrolments based on the available permanent accommodation. No additional accommodation permanent or demountable will be provided to cater for increased enrolments resulting from non-local placements.

Management of Non-Local Enrolments

Any parent or caregiver wishing to have their child considered for approval for a non-local enrolment into Orange High School must complete an application form.

The application form is available here or from the front office of Orange High School. When completed the form is to be submitted via email in person to Orange High School.

The application will initially be assessed by the Principal during an interview with the parent and child seeking enrolment. If necessary the application will then proceed to a school placement panel for consideration and approval determination.  The placement panel will consider the application as soon as practicable. In assessing the application the panel will only consider those matters presented on the application form and not oral or other submissions. Parents and caregivers will be informed of the outcome either via phone or in writing. An appeal process for all decisions is available.

An important part of the application will be contact with the senior executive of an applicant student's current school or prior circumstance to ascertain a history of the child's previous enrolment.

Non-local enrolments with unresolved issues at previous schools won't be considered for placement unless the issues have been settled with the previous school. 

Criteria for Non-Local Enrolment Applications

The primary criteria for acceptance of non-local enrolment include the availability of appropriate staff and of permanent classroom accommodation.

Additional criteria that will be taken into consideration for non-local enrolment applications should be expanded upon in the application form attached. It is anticipated each applicant will have a different needs/reasons for applying for non-local enrolment. Applicants are invited to provide as much information as possible to enable an accurate assessment. Criteria could include factors such as the below, however this is not a complete list and applicants are encouraged to add others: (criteria are not listed in any order of priority):

  • Student has an existing sibling already enrolled at the school
  • Student seeks enrolment based on compassionate circumstances
  • Student care arrangements including safety and supervision before and after school
  • Student is a sibling of an ex-student
  • Other factors as present by the applicant

It should be noted that where an out of zone placement is made, it is only for that child and does not automatically ensure placement of siblings at Orange High School.

Waiting Lists

Where no non-local places are available in a year group, a waiting list may be established for non-local students. Parents will be advised if their student is on a waiting list and length of the list.

Placement Panel

A placement panel will consider all applications for non-local enrolment.  The panel will consider applications in light of the stated criteria and consider each place individually.


Appeals may be made in writing to the Principal who will seek to resolve the matter. If the matter is not resolved it will be referred to the School Education Director for the Orange Group of Schools to resolve. Appeals are to determine whether the stated criteria for the non-local enrolment have been fairly applied.

Conditions of Enrolment

It is a condition of enrolment at Orange High School that students observe the school rules and that they wear full school uniform at all times.