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BYODD Research




Department of Education Literature Review (2013)

A literature review undertaken by the NSW Department of Education and Communities found that
the key considerations for implementing BYOD were:

  • The widespread availability of wireless internet-enabled devices.
  • The integral nature of these devices to the students' own world.
  • The possibility of leveraging students' attachment to their own devices to deepen
    learning and to make learning more personalised and student-centred.



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BYODD Conditions:

Orange High School reserves the right to request:

  • To inspect a device at any stage.
  • The removal of inappropriate content on the exterior of a personal device.
  • The removal of inappropriate content from a personal device.
  • A full digital restore of a personal device if inappropriate content is detected.


Orange High School reserves the right to:

  • Cancel a device registration at any stage if these requests are not met.
  • Use device information for anonymous statistics and reports that may be shared
    across the wider school community.



Orange High School has no liability:

  • In the event a personal device is stolen.
  • The event that a personal device is damaged.
  • For any technical issues on a personal device including file loss.
  • For the security of a personal device.
  • Parents may choose to take out insurance for their child's device at their
    own discretion (recommended).


Orange High School acknowledges:

  • The safety and security of a personal device is the responsibility of the student.
  • The service and support of a personal device is the responsibility of the student.
  • That any technical issues including file loss that occurs on a personal device is the
    responsibility of the student.
  • These responsibilities, and therefore makes no recommendation of service and support centres.
  • A student can hire a locker that may assist in the security of their BYODD.
    Students can see the front office for availability and hire costs.
  • Fill in and sign the Student Agreement (provided in this pack).
  • Take it to the Technical Support Officer (TSO) in the Library.

Appropriate use for learning

Orange High School acknowledges that:

  • The BYOD device brought onto school grounds is solely for learning purposes.
  • Devices will be connected to the ‘DETNSW' wireless network, providing filtered internet access.
  • A mobile network connection includes but is not limited to tethers, USB, Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • The use of BYOD devices ultimately lies at the discretion of the classroom
    teacher and the set learning activities.

Orange High School reserves the right to:

  • To discipline students who are using a personal device in an inappropriate manner.
  • Contact the parent/guardian of any student using their personal device inappropriately.
  • Revoke BYOD registration of a personal device at any time.