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What is BYODD?




What is BYODD?

BYODD stands for ‘Bring Your Own Designated Device'. BYODD allows students to bring their own designated personal technology device into the classroom.


The main advantage of BYODD is that teachers, parents and students can be assured that they are equipped with technology that has the capability, performance and reliability that matches the high standards at OHS. Unfamiliar software, unfamiliar hardware, and unfamiliar workflows are real barriers to student performance. The BYODD program will not only provide students with access to expanded global resources and content, but will also give students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and facilitate creative problem solving.

Why can't we bring ‘any' device?

We need to ensure that the device is capable of doing what our teachers and students need it to. Having a standard device across OHS helps prevent disruptions to learning resulting from failures or incompatibilities due to equipment that is too old, slow or lacks the necessary components.

What device will be required under BYODD?

We require that each student possess a device from one of our designated devices on the OHS list. The selection of these devices is based on their proven reliability, compatibility with our teaching and learning programs, and excellent performance in schools.


For further information please call Jack Carden on 6362 3444.


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