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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Learning at Orange High School

Orange High School is a contemporary and progressive secondary learning institution with a proud 100 year history educating young people from Orange and surrounding villages. The high quality learning environment at Orange High School is ensured through a strong focus on academia, a tolerant and caring physical environment and an expectation that every child will pursue their personal best.  

We pride ourselves with our long standing history, our students, parents, staff, values and culture. As a result of our strong tradition of educational excellence and innovation, our students are widely recognised for their achievements in academic, sport, cultural and social pursuits.

The student body is led by an active and passionate team of prefects. The Student Leadership Team sets the positive tone for the student body. As a result Orange High School is able to provide a wide variety of educational and social opportunities that set the foundations for a successful future for your child.

Learning in the Classroom

While the layout and fit-out of contemporary classrooms may be changing and developing, the classroom remains the core place of learning at Orange High School. We have an emphasis on ensuring academic excellence in all areas. With a number of our teachers professionally recognised through the bestowing of a ‘Minister's Awards for Excellence in Teaching' the highest professional recognition award possible for a teacher in NSW, students recognise they are lucky are lucky to have access to the very best innovative and talented teachers. As a school we emphasize the importance of academic excellence and a sense of comprehensive initiatives to support collective and individual excellence, including gifted and talented programs, differentiation and individualisation. 

Learning on the Sporting Field

Students at Orange High School have an enviable record of success in a wide range of individual and team sporting pursuits. We regularly have student represent our school at state and national competitions. Through sport, students develop fitness along with a range of skills including team work, collaboration, reliability and passion.

Learning in the Creative and Performing Arts

With its highly acclaimed creative and performing arts programs, students seeking enrolment at our school frequently cite the calibre of our teachers and programs as one of the reasons for choosing Orange High School. Our Orange High School Band is widely recognised and acclaimed, performing at local, state and national events. While the school offers  wide range of visual arts, dance, drama and extra curricular opportunities.

We look forward to meeting with you and working in an ongoing partnership to ensure your child receives the very best education possible. We are here to help, so please contact us to further help answer any of your queries.


Chad Bliss

Orange High School Principal