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Year Advisors

Year 7 Year Advisors

Matthew Boardman

Jessie Luchetti


Year 8 Year Advisors

Rachael Livingstone 

Mark Gilmour


Year 9 Year Advisors

Julia Boardman

Sophie Fardell


Year 10 Year Advisors 

Jess Huggett

Jacinta Percival


Year 11 Year Advisors

Kieran Bonin

Kyle Nonnemacher


Year 12 Year Advisors

Jacki Lyden

Wes Lummis


Year Advisors Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the welfare of studentsby providing guidance and general support.
  • Year Advisors are available to individual students when required. They provide support for students with issues regarding their studies or social and external factors that impact on their education.
  • Support liaison with various people including Principal, Deputy Principal, Head Teacher Welfare, Head Teacher Support, Faculty Head Teachers and School Counsellor to provide support for individual students including those with special needs.
  • Determine applicable support resources for individual students as a member of the Learning and Support Team.
  • Provide a point of contact for parent concerns/questions.
  • Organise work for students in their absence from school.
  • Organisation of special focus days e.g. Brent Sanders (Yr10), study skills, healthy lifestyles, specific girls and boys issues, anti-bullying/cyber-bullying workshops, assertive skills training.
  • Attendance and involvement in Parent Evenings e.g. Year 6 into 7 Parent Orientation, Elective Choices, Senior Agreement, etc
  • Acknowledge and recognise the achievement of students.
  • Read and make Year Advisor comments on reports.