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Finding & Keeping A Job

Finding and getting a job can be one of the toughest tasks you will have to undertake when you leave school, especially in today's competitive job market.

Once you have got yourself a job, keeping it can be just as big a challenge.

This page is all about providing you with the information and skills that will help you to not only find and get a job, but to keep it once you have it.

The Job Guide is an excellent source of information in these areas. The following sections link you to the relevant sections of this resource.

The "Hobsons Career Search" also allows you to find information on different jobs and careers - you can do searches based on types of work, skill levels and more. Click here to access this search tool.

My Future is another useful website when researching jobs and careers.

Choosing a Career:

It is important that you take charge of your career. Only you can make career choices that work for you. You are the person best suited to choose work that suits your own unique skills, knowledge, personality and interests. So be positive and act now by taking three small steps.

  • Get to know yourself.
  • Find out which career is right for you.
  • Match yourself to a number of jobs within that career area and choose those that are likely to suit you.
  • Click here to work your way through the steps in choosing a career.

Finding and Getting a Job:

There are many skills that can help you to get a job - starting with knowing where to look, right through to how to write an application and how to present and conduct yourself at an interview.

Need some job hunting tips and skills? Click here to get this information for yourself.


For more information on local job vacancies, see Mr Pearson.