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The study of science at Orange High School provides students with a contemporary and coherent understanding of some of the basic laws, theories and principles of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science scientific fields and their application through the lens of human endeavour.

It supports an examination of the technology that uses these laws, theories and principles and the impact of this on society. The course reflects the interdisciplinary nature of science and has a focus on the interdependence of science, technology and society.

Science aims to have students develop a range of practical skills including the use of current instrumentation, information technology and an increased ability to communicate understanding.

Science develops a student's understanding of science as a continually developing body of knowledge, the role of investigation in gathering evidence supporting or debunking theories, the provisional nature of scientific explanations.

In addition, science develops further understanding of the nature of science as interdisciplinary, the complex relationship between evidence and ideas and the impact of science on society and society on science.

The Science Faculty

The Science Faculty at Orange High embraces technology with six upgraded and state of the art laboratories. All laboratories have short throw projectors for optimum viewing of the latest scientific media and on-line resources. Five labs have Interactive Whiteboard and all have WiFi capabilities that ensure students are 21stCentury Learners. The teachers are all highly motivated and dedicated to provide students with the most up to date and best possible experience in science education.


Senior Courses (Year 11 and 12)

Science subjects students may choose include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science. Orange High is well resourced to deliver each of these subjects with past students achieving high standards in the Higher School Certificate. Staff are highly trained and experienced in delivering these courses.


Junior Courses (Year 7 to 10)

Science is a compulsory subject of study in Years 7 to 10 in all schools. The students study a range of topics or Strands organised into different units of work that are aligned with the new Australian National Curriculum. These new and exciting units of work differentiate the curriculum to cater for the needs of all students from a diverse range of backgrounds and include comprehensive programs for Gifted and Talented students, and boys' education. We attempt to perform a range of practical work and experiences to reinforce students' learning.


Extra Curricular Activities

As part of the science faculty we run an elective course in Marine Studies. Orange High is one of only a handful of schools to run a Marine Studies program in the Murray Darling Basin. This Marine Studies Course provides student with a comprehensive range of skills and marine based qualifications.

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Head Teacher Science



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