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Kiyomi Sensei's Taiko Visit

OHS students enjoyed another annual visit by Taiko drumming expert Kiyomi sensei. Kiyomi gave the students a taster of what its like to be able to play the taiko drum. Students moved from improvised taiko drums through real, and very valuable, taiko drums. Kiyomi travels all around Australia with her drums which she packs into her van. She teaches the students about how to play in the correct manner to avoid injury, about the tempo of the drumming, how to voice themselves loudly to accompany the music and how to work as part of a team. Both the boys and girls enjoyed their taiko experience and at the end were talking quickly about what they enjoyed best. Sensei had to answer many questions as the students assisted with repacking her van.






Cultural Experiences in the Classroom

Students studying Japanese this year have had the opportunity to try on kimonos and eat Japanese food as part of the cultural opportunities at OHS. The students enjoyed trying on the kimono as can be seen from the photos. Eating Japanese, for some for the first time, was also quite enjoyable. Some students were amazed that it could be so nice. 





KSKK Visit (Kokusai Seishonen Kenshu Kyokai or International Youth Association of Japan)

Last Tuesday was a day of smiles as 20 Japanese students and 3 Japanese teachers from Gifu Prefecture visited Orange High for the day. Our students, whilst shy at first, were soon interacting with the Japanese students. OHS students practiced their introductions in Japanese and the KSKK students practiced their introductions in English, details were exchanged between the students and much information about each other's lives was compared. After squeezing in 5 classes plus visitors into the Japanese room Mr Lloyd gave the visitors a warm welcome, with Mrs Hurford kindly translating his speech for the visitors.  After giving us a short presentation involving singing, dancing and a kendama demonstration, the two groups ate Aussie meat pies together before going to class with their buddy for a lesson. A short tour of the school signalled the end of a very enjoyable day together. OHS students did an admirable job of stepping up for the visit with grace, enthusiasum and dignity. Well done to Year 7's Mackenzie Smith, Kelsey Rodwell, Joshua McMillen and Daffyd Vernon, Year 8's Czarina Caguioa, Sharolyn Narayan, Keilee Weymouth, Kaite Clarke, Cheyenne Sciascia, Abigail Kittler, Alex Honeyman, Amelia Martin, Angela Weckert, Bridie Pickering, Ellie Giger and Claudia Smith, Year 10's Ben Cotter, Jacinta Smith, Grace Corby, Georgia Beattie, Kate Elliott and Charlotte Balcome. Other students who have been to Japan. or those who are extremely interested in going to Japan, also joined the group at lunch time. Special well done to Year 11's Lochie Wheeler for his welcome speech which was completed in Japanese, demonstrating that his study of Beginners Japanese is going well. Mr Lloyd, and everyone else, was very impressed with his efforts. A big thank you to Mrs Hurford, Mr Irvine, Mr Paine and other teachers who took extra classes to ensure that this was a successful day. Arigatoo gozaimashita.






Tokyo Fruits Excursion

Year 7 and 8 Japanese students from Orange High travelled to Sydney to visit the Tokyo Fruits Exhibition at the Japan Foundation, Chippendale on August 4. Students found the exhibition quite interesting especially the Harajuku room. They participated in a workshop on how to wear a yukata and learnt vocabulary associated with wearing and putting away of the yukata. Students also demonstrated great dancing skills in a traditional dance whilst wearing the yukata. Japanese shopping proved a great hit and students were amused and excited by the different and kawaii (cute) Japanese items that they could look at and purchase. Japanese dinner on the way home was enjoyable for many of the students and was the first time for some to eat Japanese food. Students very much enjoyed this excursion and made Mrs Hurford and myself very proud to be their teachers.

- Mrs Pirie









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