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At Orange High School we have a range of educational options to support students with special learning needs.Our school is committed to working in partnership with parents and carers to assist students who have special learning needs.

We offer placements for students into support classes as well as learning support in mainstream settings to cater for the needs of all students.

All student Support Unit classes are significantly smaller than mainstream classes and provide students with the opportunity to learn in a supportive and learner friendly environment with a smaller student to teacher ratio.

The unit offers a range of educational and extra-curricular activities to give students the opportunity to develop into independent, confident young adults. Students regularly participate in land management programs with Orange City Council as well as volunteer programs with Wangerang.

Orange High School also offers support for students with additional needs in mainstream settings. Students are supported in mainstream classed by Learning and Support Teachers and Learning Support Officers. We monitor all students learning through the use of Learning and Support Plans and provide individualised learning support as needed.

Orange High School is also in partnership with the acute Mental Health ward (Wollemi Unit), at Orange Base Hospital. This in-patient unit provides a ten bed ward to young people from across the state that have acute mental health needs.








Mr Ken Mills
 Head Teacher


Wendy Clare

Leigh-anne Coyte


Mrs Wendy Clare

Mrs Leigh-Anne Coyte

Ms Melissa Crossingham

Kim Cunial



Mrs Kim Cunial

Ms Kahina Kharitos (EALD)

Mrs Sharon Law

Shirley McCarthy

Jacob Sutherland

Sharon Chapman

Mrs Shirley McCarthy

Mr Jacob Sutherland

Mrs Sharon Chapman


Miss Tayla Croaker

Miss Bec Foggarty





Miss Tayla Croaker

Miss Bec Fogarty

Mr Troy Williams






Mrs Chris Hawke