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Language is at the core of our world. It shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world, and it is the primary means by which we relate to others. Importantly, it is also central to the intellectual, social and emotional development of all students. The subject, English, is in a nutshell the study and use of the English language in its diverse, and increasingly innovative, textual forms. These encompass spoken, written and visual texts of varying complexity through which meaning in shaped, conveyed, interpreted and reflected.  

The English Faculty at Orange High School

The English Faculty at Orange High School are a team of committed, innovative, passionate and driven individuals who are determined to improve student outcomes. We exercise our philosophy of developing critical thinkers who interpret, analyse and question the world around them via the texts that they encounter within the 21st century context. English is therefore more than simply reading a novel, analysing a film or ensuring punctuation is correct. It is the art of questioning and challenging the representations that we are presented with everyday in a multitude of contexts.

The English Faculty at Orange High School is also determined to ensure that every student receives curriculum which is tailored to their individual needs. Our English staff create class profiles and differentiate the teaching and learning activities to ensure that every student in every class is engaged and their learning is tailored with relevant activities that offer them the opportunity to succeed.



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Peita Mages
Mrs Peita Mages
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Mrs Kristie Esson

Mrs Helene Hamilton

Matthew Burfitt

Mr Matthew Burfitt


Lucinda Macdonald
Mrs Lucinda Macdonald

Monica Peasley
Miss Monica Peasley




Ms Jacqueline Ward



Mr Daniel Jones



Year 7 Overview - 2018

Term 1 2017

Term 2 2017

Term 3 2017

Term 4 2017

Poetry –

Self- Identity

Students explore how their own image and identity are constructed through a focus on poetry – both in analysis and composition.

Visual Literacy and Sustainability

Students develop skills in deconstruction of visual texts through the lens of environmental sustainability.

Genre - Historical Fiction and Drama

Students develop an understanding of the notion of genre through the study of historical fiction. They will also incorporate Drama as part of their study.

Myths and Legends

Students are able to read and analyse a range of myths from around the world and examine them in various forms such as digital stories. They examine the influence that these texts have had on texts today.


Year 8 Overview – 2017

Term 1 2017

Term 2 2017

Term 3 2017

Term 4 2017

Social Sustainability:

This unit examines the concept of Social Sustainability. It is also a close study of the set novel, Trash. Students are introduced to the process of analysing the structures of a novel - type (genre), plot, structure, characterisation, setting, themes and style, including the written techniques that the composer has utilised to create meaning.


This unit explores the world of the theatre and introduces students to the metalanguage of drama. It is a unit that will equip students with the skills to develop their drama skills in Stage 5 as well as Stage 6. Students will examine different theatre spaces, the importance of setting, role and character as well as developing an understanding of the conventions of script writing. Students will also explore the close reading of a dramatic text. The close study of a play involves a detailed study of characterisation, the play's concerns, dramatic techniques and staging of the play.

Media and Me:

This unit is looking to explore the social media landscape. The unit encompasses a novel study on Fake Profile, a work written by an English teacher, which explores the Social Media world that teenagers must traverse. The unit is designed to prepare students conceptually about the positive aspects and pitfalls of Social Media and many topical texts are included which can be studied concurrently with the novel.


This unit will allow students to develop a strong understanding of how to tell stories through the study of a range of fantasy novels, short stories and films. This unit also focuses on how to build strong characters and settings, developing students understanding of language techniques and how to experiment with structure and style. Students will put their understanding into action by creating their own fantasy world and developing a story set within this world.


Year 9 Overview - 2017

Term 1 2017

Term 2 2017

Term 3 2017

Term 4 2017

Centre Stage

In this unit students explore current media representations developing an understanding as to who takes centre stage in their world as well as in the media.




In Our Backyard

Students will explore the representation Australia's relationship with Asia by looking at the past, present as well as considering future representations.


Students will examine the enduring nature of William Shakespeare as the ultimate story teller who composed stories about the human condition. A range of texts will be explored as part of their study.

Film as Communication

Utilising the lens of sustainability, students will analyse and deconstruct the film medium focusing on documentaries, short films and the film trailer. Students will develop skills in creating their own film text.


Year 10 Overview - 2017

Term 1 2017

Term 2 2017

Term 3 2017

Term 4 2017

Walking in Someone Else's Shoes:

This unit explores the concept of the 'minority experience'. Students will gain a greater understanding of a range of minority groups through closely analysing a number of texts. Students will research recent and current media presentations and they may study a novel or short stories that present concepts and themes about feeling and being different to the majority. This unit will also continue to develop students' understanding of the narrative fiction genre and the techniques that composers use to present their ideas.



Possible Futures

This unit is a genre study with a focus on Science Fiction and the conventions of this genre. Students will explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts that predict possible dystopian futures. Through science fiction stories, scientific articles, websites and documentaries, students are encouraged to consider the ethical and moral dilemmas associated with contemporary issues and how these may impact future worlds.


This unit explores the world of the theatre, drama script analysis and develops the students understanding of the metalanguage of drama. It is a unit that will equip students with the knowledge to develop their drama analysis skills in Stage 6. Students will also explore the close reading of a dramatic text. The close study of a play involves a detailed study of characterisation, the play's concerns, dramatic techniques and staging of the play.

Film and Poetry

This unit explores Australian diversity and culture through the study of Australian film and poetry. This unit provides students with the opportunity to explore the diversity of Australia's multi-cultural society and landscape, and engage with classic Australian texts. This will involve an exploration of theme, characterisation, language, stereotypes and representations of Australia across the mediums of film and poetry.


Year 11 Overview - 2017

Term 1 2017

Term 2 2017

Term 3 2017

Advanced - Area of Study - Journey


Advanced – Critical Study (Book Thief)



Advanced – Political Representations

Standard - Area of Study - Journey

Standard – Close Study - War Poetry

Standard – Images and Voices of Text

English Studies – 

On the Road

English Studies – Achieving through English

English Studies – 

Part of the Family

Extension - 
Literacy Criticism Fairy Tales

Extension - 
Literacy Criticism Fairy Tales

Extension -
Literacy Criticism Fairy Tales


Year 12 Overview - 2017

Term 4 2016

Term 1 2017

Term 2 2017

Term 3 2017

HSC Course

Advanced - Area of Study - Discovery

Advanced – Module A - Comparative Study of Texts and Context

Advanced – Module B – Critical Study of Texts

Advanced  - Module C – Representation and Text

Standard – Area of Study - Discovery

Standard – Module A – Distinctive Voices

Standard – Module B – Close Study of Text

Standard – Module c – Exploring Transitions

English Studies – 

We Are Australians

English Studies -  

The Way We Are

English Studies – Science

English Studies – 

On the Road




Orange High School has a long history of debating success at a local and state level. Students have the opportunity to represent the school at Stage 4, 5 and 6 levels and it is a wonderful opportunity for students who are interested in debating to exercise their skills and represent the school in a multitude of competitions such as the Premiers Debating Competition, The Mayors Cup and The Dudley Cup.


The English Faculty provide opportunities for students to enter a variety of competitions such as creative writing competitions, public speaking competitions like the CWA,  film making and poetry competitions. These are announced via the daily bulletin as well as information being placed on the noticeboard outside the English staffroom on the school website calendar.

The Annual Poetry Slam Competition

The Orange High School English Faculty commenced an annual poetry slam competition in 2018 which will continue as an annual event. It provides students the opportunity to engage with an award winning poetry slammer and workshop with them to produce their own poetry. The English staff will then select and invite a number of students, and their poetry, from the workshop to perform at the Poetry Slam Competition Evening which will too be hosted by an award winning poetry slammer.