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Students often don't give enough consideration to studying at TAFE.

TAFE can be a fantastic way to gain practical skills and training in a whole range of career areas.

Click here to visit the TAFE NSW site and find out more about the courses that are available through TAFE and what it is like to study there.

There are 10 TAFE Institutes that cover NSW and each of these Institutes have multiple campuses. To find information on the closest Institute and campus to where you might want to study, you can use the links below:

TAFE and Higher Education:

You may not know that TAFENSW also offers Degrees and Associate Degrees across many of its campuses .

This website is the one stop shop for information and enrolment in TAFENSW Higher Education Courses.

Credit Transfer:

You are able to gain credit towards your TAFE studies through your HSC subjects. In other words, TAFE will count some parts of your HSC courses towards a TAFE course if the two are similar. This can mean that you won't have to study certain modules of the TAFE course because TAFE deems that you have already completed it at school.

This can often shorten your TAFE course.

To see what credit you can get for your HSC subjects, click here.


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