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Talent Development Program


The Talent Development Program (TDP) at Orange High School is an opportunity for students with talents to work in a supported learning environment which is differentiated to meet their individual learning needs. Students in the Talent Development Program classes will be placed in learning environments with varied instructional modes and flexible learning spaces.

The aim of the program is to enrich the learning experiences of the students and to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Students in this program will be inspired to learn through innovative teaching practice which includes the explicit teaching of 21st Century skills. Curriculum will be individualised through differentiation. Students will devise their own learning goals and be supported with systems and structures to assist them in achieving their goals. A range of student data will drive the development of programs to assist student learning. Students will be assessed using a range of assessment strategies that will guide the development of these plans and inform teaching practice.

The fundamental objective is to develop students who are able to personally engage with the learning experience. They will develop into confident critical thinkers who develop their talents and explore new ones.


The Talent Development Program is driven by the individual needs of students and seeks to enrich their academic needs through a planned and coordinated approach to their learning. Learning will be based on research and strategic planning which is informed by evidence and data.

Students in the Talent Development Program will be selected and placed in a class for all subjects. For Year 7 English, Mathematics and Science the Talent Development Program students will form a class of 55-60 students. This will be taught by two teachers who will team teach and drive innovative teaching practices.

Application process

An application form for the Talent Development Program will need to be completed in order for a student to be considered for the program.  Applications are due to Orange High School’s front office by Wednesday 1st May 2024.

Applications can be emailed to OR

posted to PO Box 654 Orange NSW 2800 OR

personal delivery to Orange High School, Corner Woodward Street & Coronation Drive Orange NSW 2800.


Click here to download a printable copy of our:

Talent Development Program - Policy and Procedure

Talent Development Application Form

Non Local Enrolment Policy