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The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Faculty at Orange High School is a dynamic department that develops our students capacity to enhance personal health and wellbeing. We have highly skilled and talented teachers who consistently challenge students to critically analyse and evaluate health and physical activity content. All classes are inclusive and meet the needs of a diverse range of students who exhibit a wide variety of talents and expertise. Our programs centre on encouraging and enabling students to make informed decisions related to health, physical activity, lifestyle and life planning.

Mandatory Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (Years 7-10)
The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education faculty provides a varied scope and sequence of learning experiences in the 7-10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program to our junior students. The faculty continually reflects and refines our teaching practise to present lessons that are fun, engaging and relevant to young people. Students participate in programs that integrate technology in a way that meets the needs of 21st Century learners. In the junior years the practical component of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education emphasises the improvement of basic movement skills, fitness, physical activity, game skills, participation and teamwork. In the theoretical component, students develop the capacity to approach decision-making in an informed and thoughtful manner through the development of personal awareness, interpersonal relationships communication and drug education.

PDHPE units of work:

Year 7

  • A Sense of Self
  • Fitness/FMS
  • Fighting Fit
  • World Sports
  • Peanut to Pimples
  • Gymnastics
  • You Are What You Eat!
  • Invasion Games


Year 8

  • Respectful Relationships
  • Ball Sports
  • Let's Party
  • Emerging Games
  • Where's Your Headspace?
  • Net and Court Games
  • Road Safety and First Aid
  • Target Games


Year 9

  • Equal and Respectful Relationships
  • Striking Games
  • Bend It Like Beckham
  • Sports Coaching
  • Let's Talk About Sex
  • Dance
  • Risky Situations
  • Invasion Games


Year 10

  • Healthy Food Habits
  • Athletics
  • Teenage Temptations
  • Footy Fanatics
  • Health Promotion
  • Sports Education and Physical Education Program
  • Stress Less!
  • Net and Court Games



Junior elective course:

Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) caters for those students who excel in sport and/or who are interested in their own fitness and health. Some of the topics include:

  • Australian Sporting Identity
  • Body Systems
  • Coaching
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Issues in Physical Activity
  • Opportunities and Pathways in Sport
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Physical Fitness and Technology in Sport.

Senior PDHPE (Years 11-12)

In Years 11 and 12 courses are offered to those students with an interest in current personal and community issues surrounding health and physical activity in Australia. The senior courses include Personal Development, Health and Physical Activity (PDHPE) and Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR). These courses provides senior students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of active, healthy lifestyles and improving personal and community health.
Senior PDHPE is a challenging subject that concentrates on the theoretical aspect of health and physical activity. Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation is a course similar to the junior mandatory PDHPE with both practical experience and theory-based activities. PDHPE contributes to students' Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), while SLR is a Content Endorsed course which contributes to a student's HSC. All senior PDHPE courses are popular with the student body and will continue to flourish as our junior PASS students graduate into the senior school.

PDHPE syllabuses and other supporting material for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) are available from the Board of Studies website.

School Sport

Uniform Policy

You wouldn't attend a gym in your work clothes or play in a local sporting team without a uniform. Our expectations are no different in PDHPE and sport lessons.

It is important for students to wear their correct PE uniform for all lessons. This is for safety, hygiene and motivational reasons. The correct uniform includes:

  • Yellow sports shirt

  • Black shorts/trackpants
  • Appropriate running shoes (Not Rabens or the like)

Students must change at the completion of practical lessons into their correct school uniform. Failure to do so will result in a school uniform detention. Recently we have seen an increase in the number of students failing to get changed. This is not acceptable and will result in students being followed up and placed on a detention.

We understand that there are times when the uniform may be in the wash or forgotten. When this occurs we just require a note from a parent/guardian explaining the reason. This will help us identify students who deliberately do not bring their uniform. Text messages during lessons are not an acceptable way of informing the teacher.

Students may wear a white t-shirt if a valid reason is provided in a written note from a parent/guardian but this is only to be done on rare occasions.

Teachers will provide school issued sport shirts for students to wear when they forget to bring a yellow sport shirt. The shirts will be washed after being used.

With the help of parents we will continue to see our students looking smart and prepared for all lessons. We thank you for your support in this area.


Procedures for students out of uniform

Forget uniform once = participate in lesson (with a school issued shirt) and attend a lunch detention

Forget uniform twice = participate in lesson (with a school issued shirt) and attend a lunch detention as well as being placed on classroom contract

Forget uniform three times = participate in lesson, lunch detention and a letter home

Forget uniform four times = Phone call home and placed on yellow level + uniform detention.

Failure to bring uniform = Alternate program during lesson + Uniform detention + HT phone call home

Premiers Sporting Challenge and Sports Leadership

Orange High School students have been active participants in the Premier's Sporting Challenge for many years. The Challenge includes a range of initiatives with one common purpose - to have more students, more active, more of the time! The Premier's Sporting Challenge aims to engage young people in sport and physical activity and encourages them to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

The Sport Leadership Program is one of a suite of programs of the Premier's Sporting Challenge that provides students from Year 5 to Year 12 with an opportunity to participate in school and community sport and physical activity as an organiser, coach or an official or all three!

The Premier's Sporting Challenge Learning to Lead Program is the first step of the Sport Leadership program. It is an introduction course specifically developed for Year 5-8 students. The Department's Learning to Lead Program has been developed in collaboration with the NSW Sport and Recreation and NSW sport organisations who are partners of the NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge.

The Leading with Action - Years 9-12 commenced in Term 1 2012, following a successful trial held in November 2011. Essentially, the extended sport leadership pathway now allows students to progress from the Learning to Lead program directly into the Leading with Action program.

Term 1 each year the Years 9-12 students will be involved in the Learning to Lead Years 5-8 program as assistant sport coaches. At this stage it is anticipated that of these students will be studying the Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) course in stage 5, Years 9 and 10, and the Sport Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR) course in stage 6, Years 11-12. In 2012 NSW sport association Development officers will assist with the term 1 program but by term 1, 2014 it is expected that the term 1 Learning to Lead workshops will be run entirely by the Years 9-2 students.

Representative Sports @ OHS

Orange High School is a school with a rich and proud sporting history, with many current practices embedded in tradition. We continually produce quality athletes and teams that represent OHS in district, regional and state level competitions. Our school has been successful in a range of sports such as hockey, basketball, netball, touch, softball, athletics, triathlon, cross country, cricket, rugby league, table tennis. We consistently achieve at a high standard and are very proud of our achievements. Our referees and officials are also high achievers who regularly contribute to school, community and state competitions. We also have many students who excel in sports outside of school such as boxing, muay thai, gymnastics, rugby league, shooting and squash.

Sports Council

The OHS Sports Council is a group consisting of house captains and vice captains as well as other sporting minded students. Our mission is to promote sport in a positive manner within Orange High School and our community. We aim to do this by:

  • Provide leadership opportunities

  • To recognise achievements
  • To nurture development
  • To contribute to the future growth and development of sport within school.
  • To provide OHS students with an opportunity to have more input into their school sporting community
  • To raise the levels of school and house spirit at sporting events
  • To encourage students to participate in sport and increase participation levels in quality sport
  • To promote and support sporting events/ competitions
  • To promote, support and recognise individual achievement in sport
  • To encourage co-operation and co-ordination between sports groups/teams
  • To promote and develop opportunities for a wide range of sporting activities and interests within the school and externally.
  • To encourage the OHS community (teachers, students, parents) in becoming involved in sporting activities or events.
  • To ensure that there is funding support to facilitate these objectives

Check out the Orange High School PDHPE Facebook page used to celebrate student achievement, promote upcoming events and distribute information.

PE Uniform

Astley Cup



Sports Captains




Tegan Dray
Head Teacher - PDHPE

Jacquiline Lyden

Kylie Winslade

Cameron Jones

Hayley Lyons

Assistant Head Teacher - PDHPE

Amanda Causer

Anthony Wharton

Rebecca Davis

Ben Callaway

Rebecca Ford

Chloe Barrett
PDHPE - CHS Sports Co-ordinator

Brett Causer

Anthony Nicol

Oscar Hunt