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The Mathematics Department at Orange High School consists of ten teachers, providing a comprehensive Mathematics education for all students. The teachers in the Mathematics Department aim to provide meaningful, positive and engaging learning experiences for all students to maximise the achievement of outcomes, so every student can experience success in Mathematics. The Mathematics curriculum is differentiated to meet the learning needs of all students. 

New Curriculum

The National Mathematics Curriculum consists of three strands - Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Working mathematically is now embedded throughout these content strands developing students logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem solving skills. These capabilities allow students to make informed decisions and solve problems relevant to their everyday lives and to their further education. Staff in the Mathematics Department at Orange High School integrate technology into everyday lessons and encourage students to make links between mathematics and other Key Learning Areas across the school.


There is a talent development class in Years 7-10. These classes cater for students through acceleration, the development of higher order thinking skills and problem solving. There are also two motivated classes in Year 7 and Year 8. These classes cater for students who are enthusiastic and highly motivated to learn. The other classes in Year 7 and Year 8 are mixed ability. Teachers differentiate the curriculum to cater for all students abilities within their class.

In Year 9 and 10 students study a level of mathematics based on their demonstrated ability from Year 7 and Year 8. There are three specific endpoints or pathways that a student may follow. These are the 5.3 (Advanced), 5.2 (Intermediate) and 5.1 (Standard) pathways. These are offered to cater for the full range of learners in Mathematics. Students wishing to study higher level Mathematics in Year 11 and 12 are advised to study the Stage 5.3 course. The Stage 5.2/5.1 courses best prepare students for the Stage 6 Standard Mathematics course.

The courses offered in Year 11 are Standard Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, and Extension 1. The courses in Year 12 are Standard Mathematics 1 (Non-Atar) and Standard Mathematics 2 (Atar), Mathematics, Extension 1 and 2.


Competitions and activities students can enter:


  • Australian Maths Competition / ICAS Maths Competition
  • Mathletes - a group of students that meet once a week to solve mathematical problems and engage in competitive group work to further enhance their problem solving and investigative skills.
  • Inquisitive Minds - a day of activities for Year 7 and the Year 9 High Achieving Class to challenge and extend students of all mathematical abilities, teaching them new skills and enhancing their ability to solve problems.
  • Excursions run in conjunction with MANSW that support the National Curriculum.
  • Maths camps for Stage 6 students to support their learning in the classroom.
  • Chess - the Chess team have been very successful, recently reaching the quarter finals of the Western Region Junior NSW Chess League competition

Sarah Edwards

Head Teacher Mathematics

 Jo Beeby

Alex Brown

Jamie Routh


 Assistant Head Teacher


Wesley Lummis

 Monica Sood

Ben McAlpine

Holly Triggs