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Students studying agriculture learn a range of different skills that are associated with animal and plant technologies.

Orange High School has three farm sites which provide students with different experiences;

  • The school farm – the school farm is located at the back of the school. It has a range of different enterprises including fruit trees, chickens, ducks, vegetable garden and small spaces for sheep and cattle
  • Anson St Farm – Anson St farm consists of approximately 10 acres. Students learn valuable skills including management practices in a vineyard. The school also has a range of merino and cross bred sheep managed by students.
  • Kearney's Drive – Kearney's Drive Farm in located near the botanic gardens. Students have the opportunity to work with large cattle and participate in a range of farm skills including fencing and maintaining water supplies.

Student study a range of different areas as they progress through junior agriculture to their senior studies.

Stage 4

  • Technology
  • Basic plant production
  • Chicken Production
  • Introduction to large animals

Stage 5

  • Vegetable Production
  • Chicken and Broiler Production
  • Cows Create Careers – Dairy Farming
  • Beef Cattle Production
  • Viticulture
  • Sheep Production
  • Pasture Production
  • Sustainable Land Use

Stage 6

Students can choose to study Agriculture and/or Primary Industries in years 11 and 12.

  • Students studying Primary Industries are working towards achieving Certificate II in Agriculture or Certificate II in Rural Operations. Students also attain a range of competencies based on skills associated with farming.
  • Students study Agriculture will learn about a range of plant and animal production and marketing concepts. These will be reinforced with a variety of practical experiences and project work.

Students studying these subjects qualify for an ATAR.

Mr Daniel Wait
Head Teacher TAS - Agriculture

Mrs Melanie Campbell

Mr Gordon Tink
Agriculture Assistant

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