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Technology Studies

Technology Studies



At Orange High School we offer

  • Year 9 and 10 Information and Software Technology
  • Year 11 and 12 Information Processes and Technology
  • Year 11 and 12 Software Design And Development

The faculty is well equipped with two computer labs. Students are exposed to a variety of practical and theoretical tasks in their respective computing courses. The courses provide students with specialised knowledge of past, current and emerging technologies, data, hardware, software and the people involved in the field of Information Processing and Software Development.

Activities covered in each of the courses may include anything from website development to programming software and building computers. We have been fortunate to also have access to some robotic training through CSU Bathurst. The Computing Studies Faculty is excited about entering the Robo Cup (a prestigious competition for anyone with the love of robotics) and having OHS as a competitive force in this competition in future years.


  • Stage 5 Information and Software Technology

The study of Information and Software Technology assists students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to solve problems in real life contexts. Through experiential and collaborative tasks, students engage in processes of analysing, designing, producing, testing, documenting, implementing and evaluating information and software technology-based solutions. Creative, critical and meta-cognitive thinking skills are developed through students' practical involvement in projects.

The core content of Information and Software Technology includespast, current and emerging technologies, data, hardware, software and people involved in the field of information and software technology. It also includes legal, ethical, social and industrial issues. The options topics include artificial intelligence, simulation and modelling, authoring and multimedia, database design, digital media, the Internet and website development, networking systems, robotics and automated systems, and software development and programming.

As a result of studying this course, students will be equipped to make appropriate use of and informed choices about information and software technology both at a personal level and in the workplace. Students will be prepared for future developments and directions in the exciting and challenging field of information and software technology.


  • Stage 6 Information Processes and Technology

In this course, students learn about information-based systems, information processing tools and the technologies that support them.

Students gain a working knowledge of the key concepts of data, information, systems, the interactive nature of effective information-based systems, emerging information technologies, and the social and ethical issues associated with the use of information technology and information systems, e.g. equity and access, privacy, freedom of information and copyright. They will also learn valuable personal and team skills to be successful in project management.


Students who undertake Information Processes and Technology will be confident, competent and discriminating users of information processes and information technology. They will appreciate the nature of information, its ethical use and its impact on many aspects of life. As such, they will be well prepared to pursue further education and employment across an especially wide range of contexts.



  • Stage 6 Software Design And Development

This subject provides students with a systematic approach to problem-solving, an opportunity to be creative, and relevant and interesting content. It looks at the various software development approaches and provides an understanding of how hardware and software are interrelated.

The focus of this subject is the development of computer-based solutions that require the design of computer software. In order to develop solutions that meet the needs of those who will use them, communication, personal and team skills are required by the developers. Together, these considerations provide the basis for the course. Students with software development skills wishing to acquire team and communication skills will find this subject interesting and useful.

Software Design and Development promotes intellectual, social and ethical growth in students. The subject has been developed from an area of identified student interest. It provides them with the flexibility to be able to adapt in a field that is constantly changing, and one that is vital to the Australian economy.

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