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ATAR Estimator

ATAR Estimator:

The ATAR Estimator is available to senior students wishing to get an idea about their current situation. The ATAR Estimator is based on the past four years of HSC results and the scaling processes used for each year. It is recommended to use this program after your Trial HSC Exams.

This is not an accurate measure as it is based on past years and is absolutely depends upon the accuracy of the HSC estimate used. Each year the scaling is based on the scores of the individuals and groups of candidates sitting for each subject.

You must make an appointment with Ms Teitzel to use this program. She will discuss your results and offer advice on strategies for study programs, improving examination techniques and results.

Click here to access the ATAR Estimator.



Study is not just reading over notes. Information must be processed and reduced to learnable chunks. Summarize, summarize, summarize.

You should treat the senior years like a 40 hour per week job. Your time at school for learning and completion of tasks and homework accounts for 30 hours. You need to manage your time effectively. The remaining 10 hours of study means at least 2 hours per night for 5 nights (on top of homework not completed at school) and there will be a need to complete larger tasks and reading during part of the weekend.

You must work smarter with good strategies. Seek help and advice as soon as your are aware of the need and maintain a consistent effort.