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Astley Cup 2022

Students with Barmy Army banner CWD

Astley Cup returns for 2022

Day 1, Barmy Army!



Some great individual and team performances from our teams representing the black and gold with pride and passion! Although we are down, our fighting spirit is alive and we look forward to seeing what Day 2 brings.

Go to bed Astley Team and visualise that cup - we got this!

A message from our OHS PDHPE


Ruby Owen's Photography, gallery of Day 1 OHS vs BHS.

See our very own Ruby Owen's, a very talented and passionate member of our OHS Family, Year 12 student's photographic re-cap of Day 1 of Astley Cup in this image album


Sneak preview of Ruby's gallery:

A short history

Captains from 2020, standing proudly with their Astley Cup merch

Astley Cup is a long-standing competition between Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange High Schools.

In fact, it is 99 years old in 2022, and remains one of the longest-running sporting competitions in Australia.

It is unique in that only 8 sports are played, athletics and tennis are mixed, then girls netball, hockey and soccer, and boys league, basketball and soccer.

These sports have changed over the years due to social changes in sporting. Rugby League used to be Rugby Union and girls Soccer used to be girls Softball. It also used run as a billeted competition with a disco between the hosting schools.

The point scoring system is also unique. Each sport is worth 100 points, and the tie winner becomes the team with the most points. To win, you have to win both ties. If it comes to a draw, it then goes back to the school with the most points. (This is how Dubbo won in 2021.) The Mulvey Cup (a section of the competition) also puts our best debaters against the other schools in their quest for glory. 

Our intentions to take back Astley Cup in 2022, summed up in this feature article from CWD

BARMY ARMY, Astley Cup 2022

See this article from 2022 for insights in to this years OHS Barmy Army's spirits leading in to the first round!

A great news item from 2020, "Astley Cup school sports competition to go ahead later in year."

ABC News Article Graphic

 A great news item from 2020.

And one from 2019: "ASTLEY CUP 2019, | Mel Hope's family history proof of the Astley Cup's real meaning"

ASTLEY CUP 2019, Mel Hope's family history proof of the Astley Cup's real meaning



OHS Family! Staff onboard to facilitate supervising events, allowing co-horts to spectate

Supervision Graphic

Our OHS staff are all on board for this event – they will be seen supervising in their hi-vis vests over the course of the comp.

For the first round this week, only 2022 Yr 12's will be spectating the Tennis event on Thursday, then Yr 10/11/12 will be out on Friday for the whole day. We are grateful to our OHS staff in their voluntary facilitation. 

Schedule of Astley Cup event's for 2022 Below

Week 8 Schedule of Events

Message from @ohspdhpe for @ohsastleycup on instagram 🐝 Schedule of events starting next week, below!

Event details can be found on our homepage too! ⏰

Week 9 Schedule of Events

OHS Canteen and Cafe keeping our competitors going

Left over merch for 2022, available for purchase from PDHPE Staffroom by our SRC

Example of black socks and scarf available

OHSFamily, please purchase from the Front Office cashier window, then show our SRC team your receipt for collection. 

Available: Thursday (16th June) and Friday (17th June).

It would be great to see as many people in OHS gear for these days! 

OHS Cafe will also be open, specials on site for students so bring your coins!

Follow all the important updates from OHS for 2022 Astley Cup

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